Concept sketch

So in my sketch session this morning I tried to come up with a dress design suitable for a bridesmaid.  

I went with the color purple because,  well, I love purple…but then I also decided to go with a single shouldered draped dress with an asymmetrical hemline..


Blouse sketch

So I had to come up with concept sketches for a formal blouse . Something suitable for like, an office gathering. So I went with a long sleeved, blue, layered blouse with a front knot.

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Sketch session

Well, this isn’t a fashion illustration… .just a sketch I made this morning for the fun of it. I was going for an image of a young woman looking over a nice morning landscape. In this illustration, I decided to show it’s incomplete and finished stage..

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Plaid dress sketch..

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I sketched due to personal reasons, but I’m back now, and this is my first sketch of the month..

I’ve actually been trying to capture fabric textures in my art, and I had to come up with a concept sketch recently, it’s for a navy blue, plaid dress. The kind if dresses that are suitable for formal events… I tried to capture the exact fabric pattern of grey plaid pattern on navy blue. I think it turned out okay.. 

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Pattern sketches

So this was a recent fashion illustration I did for an Ankara dress with black and white patterns. I particularly tried to capture the exact fabric pattern. Threw in some blue accessories.. #postaweek

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Educate yourself..

This art piece was for an eBook that was titled educate yourself. I just went for a straightforward “woman reading a book”. What made this piece special to me is that I experimented with an art style that’s supposed to give it a realistic, kinda movie like look. I think it turned out okay..

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