Long dress collection…

Hello everyone….so for my next set of illustrations, I will be sketching concept designs for long dresses.. ..this is my first…

I recently had a chat with a fashion designer and she talked about prints not being used enough for long dresses. This became my inspiration for the first sketch. 

It’s a long green dress, somewhat flamboyany flared, and with green floral prints..what do you think?

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1st pattern illustration

Okay, so I’m currently exploring pattern work, and I’ll be attempting a series of fashion illustrations based on it.This is the first. Its a floral pattern, green on cream, and its used to sketch a cream floral dress, nice for casual outings. Stay tuned for more..

Pattern sketches

So this was a recent fashion illustration I did for an Ankara dress with black and white patterns. I particularly tried to capture the exact fabric pattern. Threw in some blue accessories.. #postaweek

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